GP – The Grand Prick..


Yes thats right, you. GP gregory p Storer. the Grand Prick. 

its your birthday. the day of dread for most. However for some reason a select few, you have managed to brainwash and soon, they like all minions will realise your a prick.

You see people it started about 12 years ago, when i was just a weee lil lad, completely innocent, not knowing what the world was really about, that i stumbled across this narky bitch of a man.  with a little @ in front of his screen name, would continue to torment, insult, degrade people, “kick” them from the chatroom and naturally  he would enjoy it.

i however being the polite young man that i was would feel sorry for these people, they never really did much wrong.. nasty bitch gp.

since then, he has stalked me, threatened me, belittled me, but i stay strong!

yes indeed, i do not give up, on the notion that gp may one day be a respectable part of the human race.

or maybe that his opinion will not carve wounds into me, but i am only one man. and i am as always, the sweet innocent man that, tries to see the good in people.

i like to think of myself as a humanitarian and greg, my work in progress..

and believe me, we will get there… he will become a Danielangelo masterpiece.

but if i can people, for just one  minute, get a little serious on you…

there are moments in your life, where you look back and think, wow. fucking wow.

then there are moments with Greg. not so fucking wow, but all the same, highly entertaining.

50 eh… half a century…  almost dead… never thought i would see the day..

So in summing up my tribute to you mr Gregory P Storer, i say this,

12 years ago, i met a man that i instantly knew would change my life. that man was you. I have watched silently and most of the time loudly, as you have shaped two wonderful children into lovely young people. You showed me that there is more to life than what “they tell you” and to ask the questions that people are too frightened to ask. most of all, you taught me that it was ok to be me, and that i am worthy of another person’s love and respect. to fight for what’s right, and challenge what is not. and that us homo’s dont have to fuck each other, to have great friends.

Happy birthday my dear friend. i look forward to pushing you in your wheelchair over a cliff on your 60th birthday.

Now get fucked you old cunt..

ooooh a shiny thing….


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